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Grom 125/ MSX125

Grom 125/ MSX125

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Grom 125 / MSX125

The Grom 125 is the riders alternative to using a scooter for inner-city commuting. Ride in style on a sport-ish bike equipped to handle traffic congestion with ease. Some describe it as a toy bike, but make no mistake, this thing packs a punch.

The max power output on the Honda MSX125 is 7.2 KW. The engine size is 125cc and it has a fuel capacity of 1.2 gallons. The fuel consumption is 134 mpg. With a fatter-than-average tyre size of 120/70-12 on the front and 130-70-12 on the rear, a dual brake caliper and inverted front forks, the Honda Grom is well-equipped for riding the streets. As with any Honda engine type, it's built for reliability.

With super slim handle bars, this little monkey bike lets you filter through traffic like an absolute boss! As previously mentioned, the Honda Grom mini bike is intended for city commuting. Weaving in and out of congested traffic will be hassle-free. Better yet, despite the small wheelbase of 47.2-inches and a low seat height of just 30-inches, the bike can take the weight of not one, but two adults. The fuel gauge can be temperamental, but that's the same with most Japanese tanks. Just remember, more weight equals more fuel. The frame type is steel mono backbone and even when wet, the bike clocks in under 250 lbs.

With an accessible price tag and a huge range of mods available with Honda parts, or aftermarket parts, the MSX125 can be a great commuter bike or a superb set of training wheels for a first dirt bike with terrific handling.

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