Discontinued Part number TBW....DescriptionInfoDate
0715 20mm Carb Throttle Cable, Stock or Short Barsreplaced by 08482/23/24
071876-78 Z50 Throttle Cable, Reproduction (very similar to TBW1124)Replaced by 11242/23/24
1141Billet Cam Cover Set, Black, ZS TBW0598 Cylinder HeadDiscontinued2/7/24
1208Tail Light Assembly, CT70 K1, CB750 and othersDiscontinued4/27/23
1329Camshaft, Decompression - KLX110/Z125 2017 & UpDiscontinued Replaced by 9209 and 921012/7/22
1129Air Filter, KLX110 Stock CarbDiscontinued9/29/21
1345Triple clampDiscontinued8/24/21
026728mm filterDiscontinued8/10/21
052364mm cylinderReplaced by TBW12508/10/21
0804YX140 pistonDiscontinued8/10/21
0837Vm28 needleDiscontinued 8/10/21
1020Rotating intake spacerReplaced by TBW14878/10/21
1062Candy Gold z50 tankDiscontinued8/10/21
1063Candy Gold z50 side coverDiscontinued8/10/21
1134Candy red Z50 ForkDiscontinued8/10/21
1135Candy Blue Z50 forksDiscontinued8/10/21
1136Candy Orange Z50 forkDiscontinued8/10/21
1137Yellow Z50 forksDiscontinued8/10/21
1138white z50 forkDiscontinued 8/10/21
1139Red Z50 forksDiscontinued8/10/21
1167CT70 stock cylinderDiscontinued8/10/21
1374550 LB CRF110 shockDiscontinued8/10/21
9135V2 140cc kitDiscontinued8/10/21
081764mm Gasket KitDiscontinued1/27/21
1149Candy Gold Z50 forkDiscontinued12/4/20
033254mm 95cc honda 50/70 cylinderDiscontinued11/20/20
0974Kit with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
0975Kit with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
0976Kit with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
9054Kit with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
9055Kit with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
9106Kit with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
9112Kit with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
9113Kit with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
9114Kit with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
9121Kit with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
9122Kit with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
9123Kit with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
9148Kit with TBW0332Discontinued11/20/20
0598ZS race headDiscontinued11/18/20
0837vm 28 needle Discontinued 11/18/20
0988ZS race head 143cc kitDiscontinued11/18/20
0989ZS race head kitDiscontinued11/18/20
9166ZS race head 143cc kitDiscontinued11/18/20
9167ZS race head kitDiscontinued11/18/20
0540YX160 gasket setDiscontinued10/1/20
0652piston, 2 strokeDiscontinued10/1/20
0726Seat coverDiscontinued10/1/20
0827Jet kitDiscontinued10/1/20
0842Candy orange tankDiscontinued10/1/20
0871Primer TankDiscontinued10/1/20
0881Candy orange side coverDiscontinued10/1/20
1014oil filterDiscontinued10/1/20
1203DNM shock 275mmDiscontinued10/1/20
1204DNM shock 275mmDiscontinued10/1/20
90741433cc 4V kitDiscontinued10/1/20
9101Top end kit, 2 strokeDiscontinued10/1/20
1216Chrome BMX style barsDiscontinued
TBW1505 New, White BMX bars
0130CT70 carbDiscontinued8/3/20
0649KTM65 Piston KitDiscontinued7/27/20
0540YX160 Gasket setDiscontinued5/25/20
0842Candy orange tankDiscontinued4/24/20
0871Primer tankDiscontinued4/24/20
0881Candy orange side coverDiscontinued4/24/20
1136Candy orange ForksDiscontinued4/24/20
0429Billet 50/70 auto clutch basketDiscontinued3/30/20
0735Z50 pipeDiscontinued3/13/20
115412T z50 sprocketTBW1271 is the same, but does not include retainer plate.3/4/20
0269/0268Z50 ShocksReplaced by
TBW1217 Chrome
TBW1218 Black
TBW1219 White
TBW1330 Red
TBW1373 Blue
0279Break pedalReplaced by TBW9184
0293KLX110 4 Speed Shift DrumDiscontinued
0459D (Decomp option)Decompression KLX V2 headDiscontinued
480VM26 Main Jet kitReplaced by TBW1353 and TBW1354
481Vm26 Pilot Jet KitReplaced by TBW1355
Exhaust Guard Discontinued
0563KX/RM65 Top End Gasket KitDiscontinued
0567KX/RM65 PistonDiscontinued
0578TI V2 head RetainersDiscontinued
579Chain Slider for TBW1253 and TBW1385Replaced by TBW1395
0598ZS Race headDiscontinued
754Head Cover Set For TBW0750/0751Replaced by
TBW1441 Silver
TBW1350 Red
TBW1351 Black
0789TRX90 Stock Head pistonReplaced by TBW0788 AND TBW1484
0809CT70 forkDiscontinued
898Replacement Break Rod for Z50 extended swing arms TBW1253 + 3" and TBW1385 +1.5"Replaced by
TBW1392 +3"
TBW1393 +1.5"
0988ZS race head 143cc kitDiscontinued
0989ZS Race Head KitDiscontinued
1019KLX110 and Z125 ShifterReplaced by
TBW1438, Green
TBW1439, Black
TBW1440, Red
Colored HD CT70 rear shocks 330mmReplaced by TBW1464
1064Z50 Fork LegsDiscontinued
110688cc cylinder marked 49ccDiscontinued
1118YX140 Cylinder Head (Stock Replacement) Discontinued
1190XR/CRF 50/70 Rear ShockReplaced by TBW1466
1203275mm 250LB DNM shock For KLX110LReplaced by TBW1205
1204275mm 350LB DNM shock For KLX110LReplaced by TBW1206
1251K0-79 Z50 wheelReplaced by TBW1053
1374CRF/XR100 Rear ShockDiscontinued
9073Honda 50 and 70cc oil cooler kitReplaced by TBW1370
9097KX/RM65 Top end kitDiscontinued
9137Exhaust kitDiscontinued
9163Cam Discontinued
All FMF PipesAll FMF PipesNow Stock Yoshimura exhausts. (No Dealer Pricing)