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The Honda TRX90 is a family joy as it's a beginner-friendly ATV and includes a few safety features. It also uses the same electric starter that's still used on the newer Pioneer 700 and the Fourtrax Rancher. The seat height is relatively low at 26"; has a 2-gallon fuel capacity, fat front tires and rear tires giving good stability on off-road terrain, and an o ring chain drive with an 86cc engine.

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The MSRP on a new TRX90 Honda is $3,049. For parents buying an ATV for their kid, it's best to check the specs because in the hands of a Honda Powersports fan, the TRX 90 Honda ATV can have some powerful mods done making them not-so beginner-friendly.

Honda Powersports riders often have a swingarm fitted instead of the A-arm. A-arms are used for balance stability. Modifying the A-arm to a swingarm is something suited to experienced riders. Rev limiters should also be in place for inexperienced riders. Depending on the seller, the rev limiter may have been modified. The top speed on a Honda 90 TRX model should be 23 mph. Modifying the rev limiter is not recommended for the first-time rider

The wheelbase on these are 38.7" giving a good ground clearance making it ideal for use on trails. If you want to modify these for more of a power delivery after you've gained experience riding these, a more powerful four-stroke engine type can be fitted and the auto-clutch transmission swapped out for a manual transmission too.

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