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Trail Bikes LLC ( is an online warehouse distributor of Minibike performance and restoration parts

Our goal at is to provide affordable performance parts to pit bike, mini bike, and trail bike enthusiasts.  Our big bore kits and other performance parts are composed of high quality parts that are manufactured to our specifications. They have proven to be extremely reliable and popular over the 15 plus years they have been on the market. The bore kits are made in Taiwan(not China as some of our competitors like to say) and we use many of the same manufactures as the Japanese companies use to produce parts there such as cylinders and cylinder heads. is the only distributor of our products and the parts are shipped directly from the manufacturing facility to us. When a product is purchased from us, it has not gone through several middlemen and thus, the savings goes to the consumer. Additionally, to keep prices down, we use basic packaging and installation instructions are not included.  The end result is affordable and high quality performance parts that will add some power and excitement to your bike!

Our online ordering system allows us to keep our prices low and to ensure accuracy of your product order.

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We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express through our online ordering system, as well as PayPal. The pricing listed in our Online Catalog does not include shipping and sales tax, if applicable. Pennsylvania residents will be subject to the 6% sales tax.

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