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SL70/ XL70

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Crankshaft Key

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90cc & 110cc, 49.5mm stroke Engines

TB Throttle – Billet 1/4 Turn, Silver

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90cc & 110cc, 49.5mm stroke Engines

TB Throttle Kit – 7/8″


90cc & 110cc, 49.5mm stroke Engines

TB Valve Guide Set


90cc & 110cc, 49.5mm stroke Engines

TB Manual Clutch, 18T – Lifan


90cc & 110cc, 49.5mm stroke Engines

NGK Spark Plug – CR7HSA


90cc & 110cc, 49.5mm stroke Engines

TB Main Jet Kit, Large – TBparts 20mm Carb


ATC70/ TRX70

TB Brake Lever


90cc & 110cc, 49.5mm stroke Engines

TB Heatsink Kit, Honda Race Head V2


SL70 / XL70

The SL70 was Honda's first entry into the minibike scene. In its day, it was the outright competitor of the extremely lightweight Yamaha Mini-Enduro. Both are great bikes with a good price in their heyday. They were in production from 1971 to 1973, before being renamed as the XL-70 in 1973 then completely replacing the XR75 line in 1975.

Enter the Era of Vintage Performance Parts

AT TB Parts, our team have been involved in the bore scene in one capacity or another for years. We are experienced in performance parts for vintage bikes, dirt bikes, pit bikes and can source both genuine Honda parts, or compatible replacement parts for any vintage model of bike that's engineered for track, trail or for some model of bikes - the road.

Our store has various categories of bike mods for a good price that are compatible with Honda bikes. For the Honda model SL or XL70 K0-K1 replacement parts, or for upgrading to a better performance air filter parts compatible with genuine Honda SL70 model.

Find Replacement Parts with the Price Low and Quality High

Whether you need to upgrade or repair the air filter element on a Honda SL or Honda XL70 series or similar model, you'll find high-quality products including the head bolts for any Honda model.

If you know the part number but can't find it, get in contact with us We've developed a knack for sourcing low price, high-quality parts that are hard to come by.

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