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Z50 [79-87]

Z50 79-87

The Z50 series was the first Honda imports of Monkey bikes to launch in the USA in 1968. They are a firm favorite among bike enthusiasts due to their originality and the fact that this how most fans of minibikes got their first start.

This is the type of bike any level of rider could jump on and experience the thrill of riding a minibike with no experience and be totally immersed in the fun of it.

One thing of note with the Z50 is they are designed purely for fun. For those unfamiliar with this line of Honda bikes, they were originally intended for use in an amusement park, then expanded into fun-to-ride off-road mini trail bikes that could support the weight of adults and kids, with just enough power to have fun but not so much that made them difficult to ride. And for an affordable price!

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