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Short DescriptionETADate last updated
0815 Complete Gasket, O-Ring and Oil Seal Kit4/22/24
14581458 Pilot Jet Ki4/19/24
1050Grom Cam 2013-20217/15/244/18/24
9183Kit With TBW10507/15/244/18/24
1319 JT Chain 420-100, XR75 73-784/17/24
9260Kit with 16554/16/24
0795OEM KLX110 cam chain4/16/24
0315stock head KLX110 manifold6/5/244/15/2024
0987Kit with TBW03156/5/244/15/2024
0990Kit with TBW03156/5/244/15/2024
9214Kit with TBW03156/5/244/15/2024
9215Kit with TBW03156/5/244/15/2024
9216Kit with TBW03156/5/244/15/2024
9236Kit with TBW03156/5/244/15/2024
9268Kit with TBW03156/5/244/15/2024
9272Kit with TBW03156/5/244/15/2024
9276Kit with TBW03156/5/244/15/2024
9277Kit with TBW03156/5/244/15/2024
0461Billet Cover for KLX clutch4/12/24
9228Kit with 1205IN STOCK4/11/24
1620 Bolt & Spacer Kit – TTR110IN STOCK4/11/24
9229Kit with 1620IN STOCK4/11/24
1206Rear Shock, DNM – CRF110 & KLX110L 10 & Up – 290mm/350lb AdultIN STOCK4/11/24
9230kit with 1206IN STOCK4/11/24
9300kit with 1206IN STOCK4/11/24
1375Shock, Fully Adjustable w/ Resevoir – 650lb Spring – XR/CRF100IN STOCK4/11/24
0814 Breather Kit, Black4/11/24
1598Fork Seal Kit – All CRF110 and our aftermarket forksIN STOCK4/11/24
9240CRF Wheels4/11/24
1622CRF front wheel4/11/24
0841 Gas Tank, Z50 K3-78OUT OF STOCK4/10/24
0880Z50K3-78 Side CoverOUT OF STOCK4/10/24
1254Screen. Oil Filter All Honda 50cc & 70ccIN STOCK4/10/24
1603Clutch Lever, Most Model – Adjustable on the flyIN STOCK4/10/24
1535Plug Kit, Red – All CRF1104/10/24
1031Stator assembly4/10/24
0490 Performance Carb – 28mmDISCONTINUED
Replaced by 1655
1241 Petcock, For use with 20mm carbTBD4/9/24
1322 Chain 420-124, Z125 ProTBD4/9/24
1541Fork Assembly Set – All CRF110 – Upgraded damping rods, increased travel & stiffer springsIN STOCK4/9/24
1462Shock Set – 330mm – Black – Monkey 125, CT70, Z50 with aft swingarmIN STOCK4/9/24
1655Nibbi PE28TBD4/8/24
1029Honda 50/70 Dowel Kit – 6 of 8×12 & 3 of 8×14 – 2 clutch cover, 4 cylinder, 1 cam, 2 sparesTBD4/4/24
1512Tappet Screw Set – ReplacementTBD4/4/24
0990Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
0968Kit with 0399OUT OF STOCK4/3/24
9062Kit with 0399OUT OF STOCK4/3/24
09870399OUT OF STOCK4/3/24
9259Kit with 0399OUT OF STOCK4/3/24
9257Kit with 0399OUT OF STOCK4/3/24
9253Kit With 0399OUT OF STOCK4/3/24
9251Kit with 0399OUT OF STOCK 4/3/24
9070Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
0967Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
0992Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
9140Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
9139Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
9141Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
9069Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
9061Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
9013Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
9149Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
9252Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
9222Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
9254Kit with 0399TBD4/3/24
9216Kit with 0399TBD4/2/24
9214Kit with 0399TBD4/2/24
9215Kit with 0399TBD4/2/24
9146Kit with 0399TBD4/2/24
9096Kit with 0399TBD4/2/24
9095Kit with 0399TBD4/2/24
9094Kit with 0399TBD4/2/24
0718 76-78 Z50 Throttle CableTBD4/2/24
9134IN STOCK4/1/24
1539Throttle Cable – KLX140 with VM265/7/244/1/24
9205Kit With 15395/7/244/1/24
9206Kit With 15395/7/244/1/24
9207Kit With 15395/7/244/1/24
0889Piston Kit, Standard, Z50TBD4/1/24
1186Grips – BlackTBD4/1/24
0890Piston Kit, Standard, CT70TBD4/1/24
9243Kit with 0890 TBD4/1/24
0147Z50 K1 Battery Connector7/30/244/1/24
1565Front Fender, Black – CT70 K0-786/28/243/28/24
1079Fender Set, Z50R 79-87 TBD3/26/24
1646JT Sprocket, Front 12TTBD3/25/24
9136 Z50 K0-K1 Exhaust Pipe AssyTBD3/25/24
0799Stator Assembly for CT70H KOTBD3/25/24
1468 Gas Cap, SilverTBD3/25/24
1325 Chain 428-118, XR/CRF100TBD3/21/24
1323 JT Chain 420-130 TBD3/20/24
1156Fork Boot Set – CT70 K2-79TBD3/20/24
01233 Wire Gray wire casingTBD3/20/24
9151Z50 FORK KITTBD3/19/24
9075Z50 Triple clamp kitTBD3/19/24
1588 Fork Assembly Set – All KLX110TBD3/18/24
1024 KLX110 Sight GlassTBD3/15/24
9165Kit with 1162 and 1151TBD3/14/24
1717 Rear Shock, DNM – Adjustable Rebound CRF125TBD3/14/24
9218Kit with 1529TBD3/14/24
1185Engine Fastener Kit – 68-78 Honda 50 & 70TBD3/13/24
1297Sprocket, Rear 37TTBD3/12/24
1061Bar Knob Set, PlasticTBD3/11/24
1337 Cover A, Black – Z50TBD3/8/24
9185Kit with 1337TBD3/8/24
9102Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9103Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9104Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9105Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9108Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9109Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9110Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9111Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9115Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9117Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9118Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9119Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9120Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9124Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9125Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9126Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9127Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9128Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9129Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9135Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9221Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
9226Kit with 0752TBD3/7/24
1205Rear Shock, DNM – CRF110 & KLX110L 10 & Up – 290mm/250lb Light Adult4/5/243/6/24
1511Brake Lever, Black – MX Shorty Style3/4/24
0867Z50 K0-2 Exhaust Cover ScrewTBD2/29/24
1151Steering Stem Nut w/ Washer – All Z50 K0-78, CT70, XR75, SL100/125, SL/XL70, 74-77 XL100, and many others2/22/24
0728Key, Crankshaft – 88&up Z50, All XR/CRF50&70, 91-94 CT70, 95&up TRX902/22/24
1510Throttle Cable, Extended – CRF110 19 & Up Models2/21/24
0482VM26 – 606 Rebuild Kit2/19/24
1195Spark Plug Guard – CT70 K4-78 2/19/24
9313Kit with 1195 and 15652/19/24
0483Mikuni VM24 Carb2/14/24
1165 Lever Set, Black – MX Shorty Style 7/8th2/14/24
9234Kit with 04832/14/24
9235Kit with 04832/14/24
9236Kit with 04832/14/24
9237Kit with 04832/14/24
9307kit with 11652/14/24
9075Z50 Billet Triple Clamp Fork KitOUT OF STOCK 2/14/24
1123Billet 1/4 Turn Throttle, BlackOUT OF STOCK2/13/24
9223Kit with 1123
1127Handlebar, Silver – KLX110 & aftermarket Z50/XR/CRF50 Triple ClampsOUT OF STOCK2/12/24
1145Shock Set – 280mm – Black. For Z50, SL70, XR75 etc.2/12/24
9196kit with 1127 and 0791 and 1511OUT OF STOCK2/12/24
9201kit with 1127 and 0791 and 1165OUT OF STOCK2/12/24
9297kit with 12062/12/24
1028O-ring set Honda 50&70 – 3 for stator & 1 for clutch adj. screw2/8/24
0709Drive Chain, 420-120L2/7/24
1198Lever, Right with Pivot Screw – Z50 K0-78, QA50 K0-K3, MR50 All, CT70 K0-K32/5/24
1307JT Sprocket, Rear 32T, Optional KLX110 02, KLX110 03-09, KLX110L 10-17, Z1252/5/24
9181Kit with 11982/5/24
0459 and 0385INSTOCK – *NOTE* – $20 Air Ship charge on each2/5/24
1581Handlebar, Black – Lower rise – KLX140, CRF100, CRF125 & Others1/30/24
1126Handlebar, Black – KLX110 & aftermarket Z50/XR/CRF50 Triple Clamps1/23/24
9195Kit with 1126 and 0791 and 15111/23/24
9200Kit with 1126 and 0791 and 11651/23/24
0291XR50 Oil Seal Kit1/19/24
9171Kit with 11231/15/24
1566Rear Fender, Black – CT70 K0-781/9/24
1636Cam Cover, Black KLX1401/1/24
1637Cam Cover, Red KLX1401/1/24
1468Gas Cap, Silver – For all TB Z50R 79-99 gas tanks12/19/23
9241Kit with 924112/11/23
1091DID Cam Chain – 81-13 XR100/CRF10011/16/23
1737Kawi 110 4 speed shift drumPrice update $59.99 retail11/15/23
0796KLX110 OEM Air Filter11/7/23
0886KLX type V2 Race Head Valve Kit – EV8 Valves11/7/23
9193kit with 1511 112611/7/23
9194kit with 1127 and 151111/7/23
1082Kickstarter, Chrome – Z50 K0-K2 and all CT7011/2/23
1046Billet Bar Knob Set 55mm – Type 1 – Z50 K0-2 & CT70 K0-7810/11/23
0900Rotating Intake Spacer – 21mm6/13/23
1208Tail Light Assembly, CT70 K1, CB750 and othersDiscontinued4/27/23
0343KLX110 Manual Clutch KitINSTOCK – *NOTE* -10% off – paint Defects

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1243Performance Exhaust, Carbon Fiber – Z50 K0-K212/7/22
13292017+ KLX/z125 camReplaced By 9209 and 921012/7/22
1244Performance Exhaust, Matte Black – Z50 K0-K211/30/22
1449Yoshimura GROM 2017-20 Race Mini RS-2 SS-CF-SS Works Finish10/31/22
1242Performance Exhaust, Stainless – Z50 K0-K210/19/22
1189Grip Set – Green9/13/22
1508Yoshimura – KLX140/L/G 2011-22 Enduro RS-9 FS SS-AL-CF Works Finish7/18/22
1054KLX110 HD Fork SetReplaced by TBW1588 and TBW10966/29/22
0361Billet Clutch Housing for Manual Clutch5/31/22
1524Chubby Full Exhaust System – KLX110 10 & Up Models3/31/22
0717Honda 50 Gasket Kit A&B with Oil Seal Kit – 1988 and up.3/22/22
0895Z50 handle bars3/21/22
1063Z50K3-78 Side Cover, Candy Gold3/2/22
1086TB Stator Assembly3/2/22
1351Billet Cover Set B, Black – TB Honda Style V2 Head3/2/22
1141Billet Cam Cover Set, Black, ZS TBW0598 Cylinder HeadTBD1/7/22
9205Kit with 1539OUT OF STOCK
9206Kit with 1539OUT OF STOCK
9207Kit with 1539OUT OF STOCK
9024Kit with 0399OUT OF STOCK
9191Kit with 0399OUT OF STOCK
9256Kit with 0399OUT OF STOCK
9258Kit with 0399OUT OF STOCK
9147kit with 1037
0240Z50 Kill Switch Wiring Kit – K3-78 ModelsTBD
0648klx110 graphicsTBD
1130honda 50/70 red Temp DipstickTBD
1181Black Oil Temp GaugeTBD

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