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Chinese Pitbike & Engine Parts

Z155/ YX125/ YX140/ YX150/ YX160/ 150/ 125/ Lifan 50, 70, 90, 110, 125

Chinese Engine Parts

The Chinese engine parts market is huge and there is even more potential for customizing your gear with parts for Chinese branded products that don't require you (or us) to import them from China!

The result is superior quality parts for a better price than you'd get anywhere.

The items you'll find at are compatible with a number of equipment, including Chinese ATV parts, dune buggies, and the smaller 50cc mini dirt bike that's been made in China.

Most engine parts made by the Chinese are for smaller scooters, pit bike, mini dirt bikes, and ATVs. There are plenty of China brands that ship worldwide but few stores like source the majority of Chinese engine parts elsewhere and have them made to a higher quality too.

We give you the affordable price tag on parts for Chinese engines and with superior quality because we don't import from China. Our goal is simple and that's to keep the costs down for every engine enthusiast, whether that's for a 250cc engine or the smaller 110cc engine. 250cc motor(s) can reach speeds of 55 to 70 mph, whereas the smaller 110cc motor is capable of speeds between 35 and 40mph.

Whatever engine parts you need, we got you covered!

We do not import items from China. Our products are manufactured and shipped from Taiwan. Each part is guaranteed to be the best price and built to last. Find a range of parts including universal brake master cylinder replacement parts right here at

If you have any questions about our Chinese parts, please contact us by email before adding one or more products to your shopping cart to checkout to ensure you're buying the right part.

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