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Chinese Pitbike & Engine Parts

TB Oil Filter, Various Models

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90cc & 110cc, 49.5mm stroke Engines

TB Throttle – Billet 1/4 Turn, Black


90cc & 110cc, 49.5mm stroke Engines

TB Exhaust Gasket


90cc & 110cc, 49.5mm stroke Engines

TB Air Filter, Foam Pancake Style – 42mm

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90cc & 110cc, 49.5mm stroke Engines

TB Throttle – Billet 1/4 Turn, Red


90cc & 110cc, 49.5mm stroke Engines

TB Spark Plug cap – All Models


Zongshen ZS190 Engine Parts

Zongshen engines offer good reliability and they're in the mid-price range. They are a Chinese company with similar specs to the higher-priced Daytona 190 engines and get this: The ZS190 engine is made in the Daytona factory. Obviously with different tooling because the ZS190 is different from the Daytona 190.

The ZS190 engine is a four-valve, 4 stroke engine with a max horsepower of 17HP and it has a 5-speed transmission. It offers a good price point to upgrade the engine on dirt bikes and you can get both manual kick starts and electric starter. The Piranha Zongshen 190cc is the electric starter engine.

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At, our team have expertize in dirt bikes, pit bikes, and vintage bike restorations. When it comes to finding quality products at the best price, that is our domain and we've yet to be beaten in price and/or quality.

Our customers are bike enthusiasts - not beginners. We don't cut corners when sourcing but we do cut out the unnecessary stuff like manuals to keep our prices low. Should you be inexperienced, consider the low prices we have and add the cost of hiring a skilled mechanic to perform your engine upgrade to a ZS 190.

Best Price for the Highest Quality ZS 190 Engine Parts

At TB Parts, we stock a range of ZS190 engine accessories including clutches, piston kits, oil filters, ZS190 idler gear, cylinder dowel pins, and many more products engineered to keep the ZS190 engine performing at its best.

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