Article originally appeared in MiniMoto Magaine Issue 1 2004

MEET Nick Nicholls. Like the rest of us, Nick’s big into pit bikes. So big that he developed his own website dedicated to keeping the rest of us psychos up to date on what’s happening with our favorite past time it’s called

“The whole idea to start Planetminis came to me when I felt there was no resource site to find events that were going on in the 50 world,” explained the Mini Maestro. “I opened the site with about 50 pictures and 40 links and just a few events. Two months later my content has more than tripled! I have had a lot of support and help from people in the industry like Don from DPM and Atom from Sano Systems/Rotten Industry. Without these guys I would be struggling on leads and information.”

Nick recently added a lot of features to the site, including a chat room, video gallery, and a product review section. “I make sure I give a good, full review along with pictures so the 50cc community knows everything about these parts,” explained Nick. “In the future I plan to add a huge 50 parts shop. I am also working on getting a classifieds section integrated into the site as well, so people will have a place to sell their used parts.”

The site has only been online for a few months and is already up to 300 members and growing everyday. If you would like to learn more about or would be interested in advertising on this site, you can contract Nick through his website or by calling him direct at 909-906-5162.



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