Article originally appeared in MiniMoto Magazine Issue 2 – Written by Tim Clark

Back in late December, Oakley sponsored a Holiday Jam at Starwest Raceway in Perris, CA. There were regular motocross races all day long on the main track, but for the MiniMoto crowd, the big attraction was the evening race. Held on Starwest’s mini track, it featured a $5,000 pro purse, which drew two full gates of riders. There was also an Oakley dealer race, and Two Brothers Racing had 12 identically prepared Kawasaki 110s ready for them. Check out the photos for a taste of what went down.

A former mechanic to Jeremy McGrath and Ezra Lusk, Randy Lawrence is still working on in-house projects at Kawasaki, as well as working on testing programs. Randy put together a $7,000 KLX 110 for a friend of his, and finished just in time for the race. After changing numbers, Randy kindly offered to break it in for him. Think mini racing isn’t going nuts? This 110cc bike costs more than most new 250s.
Bubba’s just as amazing to watch on a mini as he is on his 125. He’s fearless! Oh yeah… he also walked away with the big share of the pro purse.
Here’s one of the dozen or so bikes that Two Brothers brought out as loaners for the dealer race.
In addition to the Pro class, there were full gates in every age and displacement class.
Bubba’s factory wrench, Jeremy Albrecht, came out to race the Pro Class. At six-foot-something, he’s definitely tall for the minis, but he’s still plenty fast.
Joel Albrecht (615) grabs a holeshot in one of the heats. One of the cool things about the race was the diversity of equipment. Check out the vintage XR75 (3) to the inside of Joel.
The quality and depth of talent on the So. Cal. Mini scene is impressive.
While the evening was chilly, the tack kept riders busy enough to work up a sweat.
Randy Lawrence, breaking in a new bike the right way R.L. has plenty of two wheel skills, with his BMX, mountain bike World Cup, and motocross experience to draw from.
Lack of power? No way. The Minis have grooves working in all the corners.
The mini track at Starwest is perfect, with lots of rolling terrain and enough jumps to keep everyone busy.
Joel Albrecht fits the minis a lot better than Jeremy does, but they both fly.


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