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Kawasaki is easily one of the most recognizable brands in the world of high quality bikes, comparable only to the likes of Honda, BMW, Ducati and Yamaha. They produce everything from superbikes to regular commute options but it is their off-road dirt bikes that they are probably best known for in the market.
One of the most popular in this case is the Kawasaki KLX 110, which was a massive hit with off-road bikers even from the point it was released. In the sections below, we will take a closer look at the bike itself and its key features. We will also dive into the common problems as well as KLX 110 Parts you will find on our website to help solve them.

The Kawasaki KLX 110

All you need to know

The Kawasaki KX110 was first released in 2004 and had been in production up until 2019. This makes it one of the longest-running bike models in production for the brand. It is considered a high performance bike built for off-road dirt biking and is also popular in rough road motorcycle racing cycles.

It has a pretty powerful engine for these jobs, sporting a 112cc rating, 7.11 horse power output and a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour, which is quite impressive for a bike built for unfriendly terrain. The engine also has a 4-speed transmission system and a single air-cooling cylinder that definitely comes in handy considering the kind of stress that these bikes are commonly put through.

What stands out the most about the Kawasaki KLX 110 model is its size. While many off-road dirt bikes tend to be larger and bulkier, this model was designed to be light and compact for easier maneuverability. It measures 68 cm in seat height and 158 cm in length.

All in all, this is a fantastic bike for use on those rough terrain adventures, whether it is a mountain trail or a desert road you want to explore with your bike. It features a powerful engine and a compact design that is fantastic for both first-time riders and experienced dirt bike enthusiasts.

The best part is that it has high quality construction, with KLX 110 parts being made of some of the highest quality materials in the industry. The repairs and replacements are a must with this model, but it is not because of design flaws but because of inevitable wear and tear that the bike has to go through with consistent use.

Common Kawasaki KLX110 Problems

Fortunately for you as a Kawasaki KLX 110 owner, problems with the bike are few and far between. This means that you do not have to constantly spend money fixing the bike or ordering replacements as the construction is top notch. However, faults do occasionally pop up, whether it is due to wear and tear or problematic design, in which case it is best to get the problem addressed as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common issues you have to look out for with this model.

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When it comes to performance issues, the carburetor is one of the most commonly implicated KLX 110 parts. Failures related to carburetor and adjoining systems result in all sorts of problems, from the bike stalling and engine flooding to difficulties in starting and general poor fuel flow.

This can be quite an inconvenience with off-road biking, especially if you need a little extra push to get over unfriendly terrain. Acceleration delays are unfortunately common with this bike and can come as a result of many issues ranging from engine failure to poor transmission. The problem is that, as the bike continues to struggle, systems that were previously fine may be dragged into the problems making matters a lot worse.

The Kawasaki KLX 110 is generally a very fuel-efficient bike. It can make the most out of a bucket of gas, which definitely saves you a lot while you are out exploring with your bike. However, as systems deteriorate with time so does the bike’s fuel economy. Fortunately, the issues causing this are often easy to fix as they mostly boil down to a faulty carburetor or a damaged fuel pump system.

These include fuel leaks, exhaust system problems as well as general wear and tear. Just make sure to check on your bike on a regular basis to pick them out and get the issue addressed as soon as possible.

KLX110 Big Bore Kit And Other Upgrade Parts

We offer access to some of the best Kawasaki KLX110 performance parts for replacements and repairs on your bike. Here are some of the most popular and the problems they will help you with.
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This is one of the most important KLX110 performance parts. It plays a role in ensuring good air fuel mix for improved fuel economy and also helps with increased speed and agility.
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Camshaft and shift drums

These will help with issues like sluggish acceleration, especially when the bike is under stress from off-road terrain.

Seal and gasket

If you have a fuel leak then a seal and gasket unit will definitely come in handy as a long term solution.

Don’t wait too long to fix things

Granted, this Kawasaki model is quite the impressive off-road bike. You will definitely get a lot of use from it with its awesome construction; you just have to take good care of it. This means not only fixing problems as soon as you notice them but also investing in high quality Kawasaki KLX110 performance parts.

Here at TB Parts, our commitment is to provide you with the very best spares and accessories for your off-road machine. Whether you want a seal for a leaky engine or a KLX110 Big Bore Kit to boost performance, you can get it all in one convenient place. Check out our catalogue and see what else we have to offer.

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